Post Workout Meal

Good to Go Post-Workout is designed to help you recover faster after a game, a gym session or any other type of strenuous exercise making sure you are prepared for your next session.

Exercising tears muscles fibres and following a workout, the body naturally tries to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and grow the protein that are in the muscles which were damaged in your workout / field session / strenuous exercise you were engaging in. It is very important to consume the right macronutrients / foods after you exercise to aid the body in recovering faster.

We choose only the best carbohydrates and highest grade organic protein making sure you are ready for your next workout / game / session. Good to Go Post-Workout is a great combination of carbohydrates to restore the glycogen stores depleted in your session and protein to help you repair and grow your muscles fibres.

By choosing Good to Go Post-Workout out meals you are on the right path to recovering your body and progressing physically.

Complete meals include lunch and dinner.

You can see the dishes on this weeks menu here

€17.00 / Per Day