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Quick Fixes...

We’re all time-poor, so we rely on shortcuts to get everything done. This includes meal-times. We spend hours at the supermarket and doing top-up shops, and we choose the same quick dishes week in, week out because it’s easy and gets the job done.

At Meal-Made, we decided that’s not good enough. Food should be enjoyable not a chore, meal times should be an adventure (or at least a little exciting) Healthy Dishes

So, we created another way. A way to make food something you genuinely look forward to and while we’re at it, we thought we’d give you more time to do the things you love. We’ve made it easy to get nutritious, great-tasting meals delivered direct to your door.

That’s Meal-Made, have a taste and see if you like it.

How it works

Choose what you’d like to eat and how often. Complete the survey so we know what you like.
Then get delicious nutritions meals direct to your door - at home or at work.

Choose Meat, Vegetarian or Vegan meals

We’ve put together a stellar team of experts to create meals that excite, innovate, and taste great.

Choose how many weeks and days per week

You’re in complete control, go for one day a week or seven, have a week off, there’s no contract – it’s food on your terms.

Tell us your likes and dislikes... and your goals

When you sign up we’ll send you a questionnaire to allow us customise your meal plan. Your likes and dislikes… and your goals!

That’s it! We’ll deliver calorie-counted, fresh meals straight to your door. It’s time to make eating about the food, not the hassle - start your order now.

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Your own team of nutritionists

Your own team of nutritionists

Each of our meals has been created to be the perfect balance of nutrition, health and great taste. Our experts shape our menu to give you food experiences and a solid foundation on which to build your wellbeing. The same thought, preparation, passion and innovation goes into every dish as if you were sat in a restaurant. Only with Meal-Made, you’re sat at home.

You’re in control

You’re in control

Order one meal a week or one a day for a month, it’s entirely up to you. Mix up the meal types, skip a week if you’re on holiday, feed one person or a group – Meal-Made is completely flexible around you, and with no contract you’re free to dine, or not, whenever you like.

Delivering to Dublin (and beyond)

Delivering to Dublin (and beyond)

We currently deliver to any address in Dublin. From early 2018 we’ll be delivering to any address in Leinster and it won’t be long before everyone can enjoy the Meal-Made revolution. Ready to order? Open the door to great-tasting meals, all prepared and ready to cook - try Meal-Made now.