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A Couple of Days... or the Entire Week

Welcome to Meal-Made at Good to Go - local, chef-prepared meals delivered direct to your door in Dublin. We’re putting an end to Supermarket trips for the same old dishes, just order, cook, and enjoy nutritious, great tasting food.

Open the door to more

More nutrition, more variety, and more time. Meal-Made gives you easy access to healthy, nutritious meals made with local ingredients by a team of food-lovers. It also gives you more time.

You’ll save hours on supermarket trips (and all those little top-ups), plus all the food prep time, so you can do more work, play or whatever you love doing.

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How it works

Choose what you’d like to eat and how often. Complete the survey so we know what you like.
Then get delicious nutritions meals direct to your door - at home or at work.

Choose Meat, Vegetarian or Vegan meals

We’ve put together a stellar team of experts to create meals that excite, innovate, and taste great.

Choose how many weeks and days per week

You’re in complete control, go for one day a week or seven, have a week off, there’s no contract – it’s food on your terms.

Tell us your likes and dislikes... and your goals

When you sign up we’ll send you a questionnaire to allow us customise your meal plan. Your likes and dislikes… and your goals!

That’s it! We’ll deliver calorie-counted, fresh meals straight to your door. It’s time to make eating about the food, not the hassle - start your order now.

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Meet your nutrition team

The days are over when only superstars could have their own nutrition experts, now Meal-Made makes it possible for you to have meals prepared by a team of food and health specialists. Check them out:

Sarah Keogh

Your Dietician

Sarah Keogh from – Sarah’s put over 20 years’ experience in nutrition and dietetics into our menu, and will be on hand to answer any questions through our ‘AMA’ every month.

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Roz Purcell

Your Food Expert

Half Hour Hero’s Roz Purcell - this bestselling cookery author knows how to make real food, real fast and won’t mind us telling you that she loves to eat. For Roz, life’s about finding a balance and giving your body (and mind) the food it needs. Look out for Roz’s signature dish on our menu.

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Enjoy food that moves you

All of our meals are designed around the perfect balance of nutrition and great flavour, because we believe the best you starts from within. Our team create meals that focus on health, energy and make you ready for anything. The ingredients are chosen to help make you sharper, happier and create a great foundation for your personal well-being.

Every week our menu changes, adding exciting recipes, and dishes inspired by you. Whether you’re feeding one or a family and whatever you love to eat, we’ll deliver a meal-time that you’ll spend all day looking forward to. Ready to order?

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